Our People

The office is comprised of a diverse range of highly skilled and experienced audit professionals. Our team collaborates effectively to achieve our many goals and objectives, thereby contributing to the well-being of Tongan citizens. The following are the executives responsible for leading our audit operations:

Kelepi Makakaufaki

B. Com & Adm (NZ); CA (ANZ)

Kelepi has been serving as the Executive Director of the Financial Audit Unit since 2019, having joined the Office of the Auditor General in 2009 as an Auditor. His unit is tasked with auditing government financial statements, public enterprises, and certain non-government organizations. Kelepi holds the esteemed designation of Chartered Accountant, accredited by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Cathreen Alma Mafi

B. Com (FJ)

Cathreen Alma Mafi is the Audit Manager of the Performance Audit Unit. This unit reviews government undertakings, systems, operations, programs, activities, and organizations to ensure their cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and alignment with intended goals. In essence, performance auditing evaluates the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of government operations, pinpointing areas that offer scope for enhancement.





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